WS type cylindrical worm reducer

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       The scope of application of WS type cylindrical worm reducer The standard is Archimedes cylindrical worm reducer with first-stage transmission; WS (worm mounted on top) WD (worm mounted on bottom). (The worm Archimedes cylindrical worm reducer is suitable for sliding speed at the meshing point of worm not more than 7.5m/s; worm speed not more than 1500r/min; working environment temperature is -40~+40℃; and it can run in forward and reverse directions occasion.
  WS type cylindrical worm reducer is a cylindrical worm reducer with one-stage transmission.Its characteristics are large transmission ratio, compact structure, small size, low noise, stable operation and good self-locking.
  The worm of this worm reducer is made of 45 high-quality carbon steel and has been quenched and tempered.The worm gear is cast with ZQAL9-4 aluminum bronze, and the input shaft support adopts tapered roller bearings, and the output shaft end is equipped with a skeleton oil seal to prevent oil leakage and prolong the service life.
  This worm reducer is mainly suitable for the reduction transmission of various mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, chemical industry, construction, textile, light industry, etc., especially for mobile lifting equipment such as stations, docks, warehouses, etc. suitable.Suitable for sliding speed at the meshing position of worm not more than 7.5m/s
WS type cylindrical worm reducer

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