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Use and maintenance of hard tooth surface gear deceleration

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1. Before starting the machine, check whether the oil surface of the reducer meets the requirements.Follow the prompts to open or replace the vent cap to make it ventilate smoothly, and check whether it turns flexibly.
2. Before the load test, run for about half an hour without load. After confirming that there is no fault, the force can be loaded and run.The test run should always check the running conditions: there should be no abnormal shocks, vibrations, and no oil leakage or oil leakage.The temperature rise should not exceed 60°C, and the maximum oil temperature should not exceed 100°C (checks should also be made during daily work) before formal work can be performed if everything is normal.
3. If abnormal conditions are found during work, the machine should be shut down for inspection, and work can only be continued after the faults are found and eliminated.Check the lubrication situation from time to time, pay attention to make up the amount of oil, and replace the deteriorating lubricating oil in time.
4. If the installation orientation changes.Under normal circumstances, it is enough to change the oil glass, oil plug and breather cap.
5. The reducer should always be kept clean.Dust should not accumulate on the outer surface so as not to affect heat dissipation.
6. Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated environment.Store at room temperature.When the storage period exceeds three months, it should be treated with rust prevention.When the machine is left for about a year, check whether the oil seal is aging and whether the oil is deteriorated when using it.

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