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The heat of common faults of cycloid pinwheel reducer is too high

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The heat of common faults of cycloid pinwheel reducer is too high
If the cycloidal pinwheel reducer heats up during use and the temperature is too high, generally speaking, this may be a problem with the eccentric bearing and a malfunction.Of course, this is only a general situation, and other factors should also be considered. For example, if the machine is newly purchased, there may be unreasonable parts in the assembly, or there may be problems.Of course, this knowledge is the first reflection in the mind after discovering the temperature fault of the reducer, but this does not mean that the problem is due to this reason.For the temperature problem of the cycloid reducer, there may be another important factor that needs to be considered, that is, the problem of lubricating oil. If the reducer lacks lubricating oil, it may also cause the above problems.This needs to prescribe the right medicine and adapt the measures to local conditions.
Of course, there are some other reasons that need to be considered. If the cycloid reducer is often overloaded, the temperature may be too high. However, these factors need to be analyzed and eliminated to find the most correct answer.The reason why the temperature of the cycloid reducer is too high has been found, and then there are solutions. There are many solutions to things, but the most straightforward and simplest, and the most reasonable, should be the best method, which belongs to deceleration. The basic theory of machine technology will not be stated too much here.
In short, for the problem of excessive temperature in the cycloid reducer, first find out its reasons, such as the above-mentioned possibilities. If these reasons are eliminated, then look for other factors that may affect the temperature of the reducer. Factors, then prescribe the right medicine, give a solution, and implement it.Doing this will make it easier to deal with the failure of the reducer.

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