Heat treatment method of planetary reducer

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2. Nitriding
Nitriding can ensure that the gear can achieve high tooth surface hardness and wear resistance under the condition of small deformation. After heat treatment, no good finishing is performed, which improves the load-bearing capacity.
3. Carburizing and quenching
The carburized hardened gear has a relatively large load-bearing capacity, but it is necessary to adopt a finishing process (tooth grinding) to eliminate heat treatment deformation to ensure accuracy.
Carburized and hardened gears are commonly used alloy steels with a carbon fraction of 0.2%-0.3% before carburizing. The hardness of the tooth surface is often in the range of 58-62HRC. If it is lower than 57HRC, the hard surface strength will decrease significantly, and it will be brittle if it is higher than 62HR. increase.The hardness of carburized hardened gear gradually decreases from the surface of the gear to the deep layer, and the effective carburizing depth is specified as the depth from the surface to the hardness of 5.25HRC.

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